Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz in Denia Spain with Dalvaro Art

Pablo Rubén López Sanz

Artist, instructor, juror.

Born: Griñón, Spain





Pablo Ruben watercolor artist:

“The most important aspect of a painting is that it captures the real atmosphere of the place, not an illustration.”

Pablo continues. “Staying away from colourful scenes helps me to avoid that kind of artificiality. When possible, I try to use only two dominant colors and a few touches of their complements in any painting.

In the focal point, I add dots of a brighter version of a color from elsewhere in the painting to attract the attention of the viewer.

To me, it’s important that a watercolor has uniformity; ‘unity in diversity’ is the key.”

Pablo Ruben says that because he only paints landscapes and cityscapes, “travel offers the best way to find new subjects. All of my paintings are based on places to which I’ve actually been”.

Subtle inclusions of color punctuate the grey streets of Pablo Rubén López Sanz‘s large-scale watercolor cityscapes, enticing us to view the world anew.

Learn more about Rubén López Sanz and his international cityscapes in the April 2015 issue of  Watercolor Artist


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Some of Pablo Ruben´s Group exhibitions

“New Art” Gallery (Alcorcón)
“DEARTE” Gallery (Getafe)
Showroom House of El Retiro (Madrid)
“La Lonja” Exhibition Hall (Madrid)
“The Sirens” Cultural Center (Seville)
Circle of Arts and Crafts in San Fernando (Cadiz)
Municipal Exhibition Hall of La Latina (Madrid)
Mayor Zoilo Ruiz-Mateos Foundation Rota (Cadiz)
“Jovenart” Art Gallery (Madrid)
Cigarral de Caravantes (Toledo)
Auditorium of Puertollano (Ciudad Real)
Infantas Gallery (Madrid)
Victoria Hidalgo Gallery (Madrid)
Sokoa Gallery (Madrid)
Barcelona Olympic Museum
Army Museum
“Quemasdarte” Gallery (Getafe)
Montsequi Gallery (Madrid)
Artecasa Gallery (Ciudad Real)
Salle des Fêtes Monflanquin (France), …


Solo Exhibitions

Museum of the City of Móstoles 2017
Trazos Gallery (Ciudad Real) 2017
BBVA Fundation Gallery (Oviedo) 2016
Kalon Gallery, Tudela (Navarra) 2015
Benitez y Barbero Gallery(Castellón) 2015
Cervantes 6 Gallery (Oviedo) 2014
Cultural Center of Paraty(Brazil) 2013
“Artecasa” Art Gallery(Ciudad Real) 2013
Infanta Cristina Cultural Center (Pinto) 2012
Royal Tapestry Factory (Madrid) 2011
Exhibition Hall Center of Griñón (Madrid) 2011
Tomas y Valiente Art Center Fuenlabrada 2011
“Liceo” Art Gallery (Guadalajara) 2010
Municipal Cultural Center of Pinto 2009
Carranque Cultural Center (Toledo) 2008
Espace Culturel de Salies de Béarn (France) 2008


 International Events

Silk Road Exhibition. China 2018
Thessalonica International Watercolor Exhibition. Grecia 2018
98th. National Watercolor Society Exhibition. California. USA 2018
San Diego Watercolor Society Exhibition. California. USA 2018
Exposición Internacional de Acuarela de Praga. República Checa2018
Pearls of Peace Watercolor Exhibition. Pakistan 2018
International Watercolor Exhibition of Lisboa. Portugal 2017
International Watercolor Exhibition of New Delhi. India 2017
Silk Road Exhibition. China 2017
Fabriano in Aquarello 2017
International Watercolor Young Masters Exhibition, Handan (China) 2016
Taiwan World Watercolor Exhibition (Taiwan) 2016
International Watercolor Contest Esdé Gallery, Cagliari (Italia) 2016
Triennial Watercolor Exhibition of Varna (Bulgary) 2016
Love United. 1st. International Watercolor Biennale of Hong Kong (China) 2016
Harmony Arts Festival, Vancouver (Canada) 2016
Watercolor Biennial” Les Aqua’rêves” Saint Chamond (France) 2016
1st. International Watercolor Biennale of Canada 2016
“Freedom of Self Expression” International Watercolor Exhibition of Budapest (Hungary) 2016
Pearls of Peace. 1st. International Watercolor Biennale of Pakistan 2016
Mini Castra 2016 Slovenia 2016
Shenzhen Watercolor International Biennial 2016
Big Size Watercolor Exhibition (Mexico) 2016
Fabriano in Aqcuarello (Italy) 2016
International Watercolor Exhibition in Moscow (Russia) 2016
International Watercolor Exhibition in Albania 2016
International Watercolor Exhibition in La India 2015
International Watercolor Exhibition in Slovenia 2015
International Watercolor Biennial Mexico 2015
Reinterpretation, Watercolor Exhibition, China 2015
International Watercolor Trienale, Seoul (Korea) 2015
International Watermedia Exhibition (Greece) 2014
Eau en Couleurs (Belgium) 2014
34rd. International Watercolor Exhibition of San Diego Watercolor Society (California) 2014
Watercolor Biennial Cappadocia, Turkey, Nevsehir. 2014
World Watercolor Exhibition in Thailand. 2014
147th Annual International Exhibition, American Watercolor Society (New York) 2014
Jury Member of the III International Painting Contest of Cajamarca (Peru) 2013
33rd International Watercolor Exhibition of San Diego Watercolor Society (California) 2013
Honor instructor at the V International Watercolor Festival of Paraty (Brazil) 2013
II International Watercolor Festival in Seferihisar (Turkey) 2013
I International Watercolor Biennial of Vancouver (Canada) 2013
International Watercolor Festival Seferihisar-Izmir(Turkey) 2013
32nd International Exhibition of San Diego Watercolor Society (California) 2012
International Meeting of Watercolors Santa Cruz (Portugal) 2012
Watercolor Hall Saint Yriex-La-Perche (France) 2012
International Watercolor Festival Seferihisar-Izmir(Turkey) 2012


Awards and Honours

1st Prize XIV Fast Painting Contest Parquede El Capricho (Madrid) 2018
1st Prize VI Fast Painting Contest of Poblete (Ciudad Real) 2018
1stPrize “Virgen del Carmen” Painting Contest of la Spanish Navy 2018
1s Prize XXXVI National Painting Contest “Jesus Madero”, Herencia (Ciudad Real) 2018
1st Prize Watercolor IX Painting Contest “Puertos de Baleares” Autoridad Portuaria de Baleares
1st Prize XXI Fast Painting Contest of Alovera (Guadalajara) 2018
1st Prize XII Fast painting Contest of Herencia (Ciudad Real) 2018
1st Prize II Painting Contest of Humanes de Madrid 2018
1stPrizeFast Painting Contest of Bolaños de Calatrava (Ciudad Real) 2018
1st Prize Fast Painting Contest of Sanchonuño (Segovia) 2018
1st Prize Fast Painting Contest of Granátula de Calatrava (Ciudad Real) 2018
1st Prize XXVIII Painting Contest “Ciudad de Ávila” 2018
1st Prize XIX Contest of Artes Plásticas “100 x 100” Móstoles 2018
Second Prize Signature’s Members 38th. International Exhibition, San Diego (California) 2018
SDWS Instructors Award 38th. International Exhibition, San Diego (California) 2018
SDWS Board of Directors Award 38th. International Exhibition, San Diego (California) 2018
2ndPrizeEscos “Villages à Peindre”. France 2018
3rd Prize International Contest “Salies à Peindre” Salies de Béarn. France 2018

1st Prize II Artemisia Painting Contest, JDM Moncloa Aravaca (Madrid)
1st Prize Plein Air Painting Contest Las Rozas (Madrid)
1st Prize National Painting Contest “Carta Puebla” Miguelturra (Ciudad Real)
1st Prize Fast Painting Contest Ciudad de Getafe
1st Prize Fast Painting Contest Villa de Navalcarnero

For the complete list visit Pablo´s site

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