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We have a passion for people and  passion for art

Dalvaro Art painting workshops, courses and venue hire 

Who are we?

We are Loli and Harold, a married couple from Spain and England respectively, with a passion for art and life. Living the life that we dreamt of, and dedicated to share with anyone who comes with us. The joy of happiness, through art, professionalism, gastronomy, dedication, friendship, and most importantly, making sure that you enjoy your time with us. While staying in this beautiful location where we are.

www.paintonholiday.com art retreat workshop vacations
www.paintonholiday.com art retreat workshop vacations

Why come with us?

If you want to learn how to paint or improve your expertise with a professional tutor or by yourself.

Surrounded with inspiring landscapes and weather.

Whilst enjoying the finest Mediterranean cuisine cooked to your specifics and needs with the best quality, home grown or locally produced ingredients.

With a professional but friendly expertise of over 10 years, and not having to worry about any extra charges, we are your perfect find.

You are about to discover the most relaxing and enjoyable way to learn from some of the best painting tutors from around the world.

This is a painting vacation on an intimate scale with the individual personal exclusivity you deserve.

While wandering around the magnificently landscaped gardens your senses will be immediately aroused and your hidden artistic talent will be stimulated and impassioned.

Our goal is provide a perfect place just for you.

How it all started!

In 2001 we, that is myself and my English husband, decided to move back to my native Spain.

Then began the long search to find somewhere suitable to make our shared dreams come true.

We spent five years traveling back and forth from London, England to Valencia or Alicante, Spain.

Until we finally found somewhere that ticked most of the boxes on our list of must haves, want to haves and do not really need to haves.

That was our villa “Las Orquideas”, which was originally called “Casablanca”.

 Of course the property did not look as it does now when we bought it, this took a further two years.

This was because of problematic difficult builders plus our naivety of Spanish regulations and trusting the wrong people.

We tried to keep the “colonial style” look of the original build.

We believe that there is always someway to make things better.

Therefore our policy is that every year we will find “a new project” to improve our wonderful home and art venue.

www.paintonholiday.com art retreat workshop vacationsthe villa for sale in 2006 Casablanca
www.paintonholiday.com Villa Las Orquideas Valencia Spain

Photograph taken on our first visit in 2006

Photograph taken in 2017

It was not until late 2009 that we were able to start using our home as a painting holiday venue.

We then renamed it “Las Orquideas ” after one of my husbands favourite flowers, orchids.

I had heard of so many people who were disappointed about their painting holiday experiences, that I was determined to make mine different, my dream future.

Using basic hotels was a definite no-no, as would be half board, shared bathrooms and enforced shared bedrooms for single travelers.

The first year, of course was mainly people that we knew and we used these experiences to gain extra insights into looking after, as well as, teaching small groups of mixed ability artists.

Of course we soon realized that people are all different and some wanted a ‘painting holiday` while others were more interested in a ‘holiday with painting’.

We managed to adapt quite easily, while I concentrated on the ‘painting’ my husband catered for the ‘holiday’ side of things.

It all proved to be a very interesting, eye opening and most enjoyable time. We now have friends of those friends staying with us as well as people from all parts of The UK and around the world, including visitors from Australia, South Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, The USA, South America, Russia, EuropeCanada plus a large group of amateur and professional artists from Alaska once arrived with boxes of frozen Alaskan Salmon, which by the way, was the tastiest we had ever had.

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