Unsure of which painting holiday venue to choose, from the many around?


Whether you are looking for an art course where singles are welcome, you consider yourself to be at beginner level and want a place where you feel relaxed, or are a more experienced artist looking for somewhere new to attend and to push to the next level.

Then use this check list as to what to look for in a painting holiday.

The following was written by Amanda Cooper for the Leisure Painter magazine and kindly gave permission for Dalvaro Art to use it here.

HOW TO CHOOSE a painting holiday

How to choose the best holiday for you and make the most of your time away.

To get the best painting holiday for you…..

www.paintonholiday.com art retreat workshop vacations


The best websites can be deceptive, it is sometimes a case of what is left out, rather than “what is included”. 


At Dalvaro we try to include as much information as possible, but space is limited and we are always open to suggestions to improve the information on our web sites. Email us to let us know what you think should be included : CONTACT page.


The best recommendation is word of mouth. Google the tutor and the venue organizer. Contact the tutor and the venue directly.


All of our tutors are more than willing to explain directly to you, their courses and specifically as to the care and accommodation you can expect to receive at Dalvaro Art. See also the comments from past participants on our art courses.

www.paintonholiday.com art retreat workshop vacations


www.paintonholiday.com art retreat workshop vacations

Ask about the itinerary and how often you go out on location, everyday can be too tiring for some people, three times a week may not be considered enough by some.


At Dalvaro Art we discuss with each tutor individually, as to their requirements. Every painting workshop is different and each art tutor discusses with the art group their preferences. We generally aim for an itinerary where we go out every other day, working in the studio or garden on other days. But this changes as decided by the individual art groups.


 Ask if easels, stools or chairs are included in the price or are they extra.


We supply all the basic necessary equipment within the price of the inclusive holiday. Field easels, chairs or stools, drawing boards, water pots and sunshades, masking tape and cleaning materials.

www.paintonholiday.com art retreat workshop vacations


If materials are offered, enquire as to exactly which ones. Are cleaning materials included.


At Dalvaro Art we discuss with each tutor individually, as to their requirements and provide you with the materials list about two months before the course start date. If you cannot bring everything required for the course we make sure that we have enough stock in our local art shop,

Dalvaro World of Art.


 Check the small print to see if ALL meals and drinks are included.


We provide lunch, if required, and evening meal on arrival day. Three meals per day on all course days, including while out on location. Breakfast on departure day. Also help yourself to all-day drinks and snacks while at the venue. Bottled water is provided when out painting en plein aire.

www.paintonholiday.com art retreat workshop vacations


Check that airport transfers are included or do you have to find your own way to some isolated location on your own. If pickups are at specific times it really is up to make sure that your flight arrives at an appropriate time.


At Dalvaro we offer a complimentary airport transfer with a choice of pick-ups from Valencia and Alicante airports.

We do our best to be at the airport to meet you on arrival. This is not always possible as arrivals can be staggered and at different airports which are over two hours apart.

See our Complimentary transfer page..


If you are sharing make sure that the twin room is a large twin room. Also state that a double is or is not suitable.


At Las Orquideas our twin bedded, en suite rooms are between 16 and 24 square metres. We use the smaller of our rooms as a double room. These are used mostly for single occupancy but some couples prefer a double bed. Please remember that sharing is entirely optional.

www.paintonholiday.com art retreat workshop vacations


And finally, if you are in doubt about anything ASK, you will probably not be asking anything that has not been asked before.

We believe that this is all good sound advice, thank you Amanda, and we thoroughly recommend that these are the most important tips to check out.

You will want to get the most out of your holiday that you can, as much as we want you to choose the right tutor, the right location and the right time of year.

Remember it is your holiday, your money and your decision.

If you are happy, we are happy.