David Bellamy at Dalvaro Art Retreat Spain

David Bellamy

Artist, author, tutor.

Born: Pembroke, UK

DAVID BELLAMY: Raising awareness of threats to the environment.




DAVID BELLAMY: The “King” of understatement.

Through his painting and writing he hopes to bring about a greater awareness of the threats to the natural environment, and he is particularly active in conserving the wild areas. He is a patron of the Marine Conservation Society’s Seas for Life Appeal.

David Bellamy a professional watercolourist who is most famous for his paintings of mountain landscapes and wild coastal seascapes, which both emphasise his fascination with the moods of nature and wild natural locations.
A full time artist dividing his time between painting, writing many books and making painting videos.
Through his painting and writing David hopes to bring about a greater awareness to a greater number of people of the environmental threats to the wild natural areas around the world.

David travels widely in search of subjects to paint and is especially fascinated by mountains, the Arctic, coastal areas and desert scenery in the Middle East.
His paintings, predominately in watercolour are all done from his first-hand experiences.
He has paintings in the collections of mountaineers Sir Chris Bonington and Doug Scott, broadcaster Sir David Attenborough and the author Bill Bryson, among others. He has exhibited widely, including Lincoln Joyce Fine Art in Surrey, Mathaf Gallery in Belgravia, London and many others.
David has been featured on radio and television in numerous programmes, including his own series Painting Wild Wales on HTV(Wales).

One of the UK’s top British watercolour artists David Bellamy specialises in painting Wild Mountain and coastal scenes, and is particularly fascinated by the moods of nature in the wild places. His paintings have reached private collections in many parts of the world. A full-time artist and author, he has written numerous books, all illustrated with his paintings. He runs watercolour painting courses in the UK and overseas and demonstrates to art societies.


 Interview: Watercolour artist David Bellamy on exploring the Arctic’s beautiful landscapes

Author and watercolour artist David Bellamy shares more about his love for nature, his most frightening moments on the ice and tips for any Arctic expedition

Growing up in the West Wales countryside, he cultivated a love for nature, with a keen fascination for its moods in wild places. Seeing the raw landscapes of Iceland motivated him to venture further north, into the Arctic. After a dog-sledging trip to East Greenland, his hunger to explore more paint-worthy landscapes drew him back another seven times – backpacking across mountains on foot, sailing up the Svalbard coast in a 49-foot boat and cruising in a Zodiac up an 81km fjord. Each visit exposed him to more facets of the Arctic’s natural charm, such as the moulins at Greenland’s ice cap.

While he revels in the atmosphere of the moment when sketching outdoors, the Arctic’s sub-zero temperatures also means that brushes freeze when dipped in water – an artist’s worst nightmare. Bellamy’s witty solution? Add gin to lower the freezing point. In exceptional conditions, he has even rubbed snow over dry watercolour pencil sketches.

To Bellamy, “the High Arctic can be a hostile and unforgiving place, but it will well reward lovers of truly wild places”. Besides preparing for potential severe weather conditions, he encourages travellers to hire a local hunter-guide for any Arctic expedition.
“And take along a little luxury with you to relieve difficult moments, even if it’s just a bar of your favourite chocolate.”

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