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We offer complimentary transfers from Valencia and Alicante 

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Complimentary airport transfers.

We offer complimentary airport transfers from Valencia and Alicante.


Please be aware that lunch is not included on arrival nor departure days.  

We like to be as flexible as possible on these, while understanding that flight arrival times are in the hands of the airlines and not the artists coming to the venue. At the same time, we have to consider the journey times between the airports and our venue, not forgetting, of course, our driver’s hours on the road.

Transfers from the airports are complimentary, pick-ups from other locations or times may incur a 90 €uro surcharge.

Therefore we cannot give precise timings, as we have no way of telling far in advance the arrival times or the chosen airport of our art course participants.

We will do our best to meet you as near to your arrival time as possible.  The absolute maximum waiting time would be under 4 hours. Usually this would be much less, average time is under 30 minutes, most of the time we are there waiting for you.

Obviously this is not always within our control, due to flight delays etc.

For departures, our aim is for two-morning departures from the venue. The first would be early and the second before midday.

As a rough guide, for flights leaving between 10:00 and 13:00 we would leave Casa Las Orquideas by 07:00 and leave about 11:00 for later flights,

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Airport waiting times 2018/19


We do our best to be at the airport to meet people as they arrive.

Sometimes we may have a number of people arriving close together and it is not always possible to make the extra journeys.

Therefore there may be a wait until others arrive.

This chart shows the waiting times for 2018/19.

  • waiting time 0 62% 62%
  • waiting time 0 – 30 minutes 28% 28%
  • waiting time 30 – 60 minutes 3% 3%
  • waiting time 60 – 90 minutes 2% 2%
  • waiting time 90 – 120 minutes 2% 2%
  • waiting time 120 – 150 minutes 1% 1%
  • waiting time 150 – 180 minutes 1% 1%
  • waiting time 180 + minutes 1% 1%

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