Painting workshop Holiday itinerary

Painting trips out

Painting locations

We have a very relaxing and easy going attitude to trips out.                     
The decisions are always made with the tutor and the groups’ wishes.

Of course there can be outside influences which make the decision for us. Therefore we remain very flexible towards painting out on location.

watercolor landscape painting workshop Dalvaro Art Retreat
cityscape painting workshop Dalvaro Art Retreat
painting reflections in watercolor Dalvaro Art retreat

painting workshop itinerary

Painting studio

Our general itinerary is based upon a mix of going out to a variety of painting locations and staying at the art venue, in the studio or gardens, every other day. The exception to this would, of course, be any of our plein aire painting workshops, which would involve daily painting trips.

The painting itinerary would usually be, days one, and three, painting in the studio, the luxurious gardens of Las Orquideas or visiting one of the many local painting sites within walking distance of the art venue or just a short drive away. art retreat studio
the gardens at Dalvaro Art retreat in Spain
ideal plein aire painting location in Spain

Popular painting places

Landscape, cityscape, seascape painting

This would mean that days two, four and six would be excursions to a variety of popular sites from 20 to 60 minutes’ drive away. Each group would, with the advice of the tutor get to go to painting locations suitable for the group.

These would be from a variety of places for landscape, cityscape or seascape painting. Some days would be split so that we would go out in the morning, maybe returning to Las Orquideas for lunch and be in the studio for the evening session.  

landscape painting Dalvaro Art Retreat Spain art retreat workshop vacations art retreat workshop vacations

Workshop start times

painting tuition time

Each day starts with breakfast which is usually from 08:30. This allows plenty of relaxing time before starting in the studio at about 10:00. 

For trips out painting on location we may have breakfast earlier so that we can leave the venue between 09:30 and 10:00.

There would usually be two painting sessions each day. Morning session from 10:00 to 13:30/14:00. Evening session from 17:00 to 19:30/20:00.

The timings are not exact and variables will occur when we are painting out on location.

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