Keiko Tanabe art class 2020


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Keiko Tanabe’s workshop at Dalvaro Art is the ideal artists classes for art students who wish to gain a better understanding of the methods and techniques that go towards creating an atmospheric watercolor painting.
This painting workshop will have an emphasis on perspective, design, values, atmosphere, and color choices.
The painting subjects will cover Landscapes, Waterscapes, Cityscapes and include painting out on location en Plein-air.

Keiko Tanabe will begin with the basics of watercolor painting and discuss the importance of understanding perspective and tonal value importance. You will also be shown a variety of techniques in paint application and brush handling, as well as how to simplify a complex scene.
The workshop is suitable for all levels, but basic knowledge is strongly recommended.

You will be painting a variety of subjects during this art class, both within the purpose-built art studio and out on location in Plein-air. While trying a variety of approaches to discover the most effective painting method to create the kind of atmosphere you most wish to achieve in your watercolor painting.
Keiko will complete at least one demonstration a day. Due to small artist numbers, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to have private one-on-one guidance, with this wonderful art tutor, throughout the week.

This will certainly be a watercolor painting course to be remembered.
One that you will regret not booking sooner if you miss out on this because you thought about it too long.

Full accommodation, complimentary airport transfers, all meals, 6 days tuition 7-night stay in private en-suite, air-conditioned room.

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