Joanne Boon Thomas

Joanne Boon Thomas Watercolor and Brusho art class workshop August 2021

Joanne Boon Thomas watercolor & brusho workshop

Thursday, August 26  to Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Watercolors and Brusho Painting


This workshop is for six nights art retreat workshop vacations

Concerned about course cancellation due to coronavirus. We have adjusted our payment system. 

BOOK FOR JUST €100 deposit
(reduced from €300)

Final payment due one month before the course start date
(reduced from three months)

COURSE PRICE art retreat workshop vacations with Joanne Boon Thomas art retreat workshop vacations with Joanne Boon Thomas art retreat workshop vacations Joanne Boon Thomas art retreat workshop vacations with Joanne Boon Thomas

Join Joanne Boon Thomas at Dalvaro Art in 2019, for a workshop of watercolours and brusho Painting. 

This very enthusiastic artist will guide you through her loose style of watercolor painting while on location.

Joanne will  share her invaluable tips and techniques, that will leave you feeling confident and inspired.

Enjoy the painting.

Joanne derives immense pleasure from helping others to discover the endless joys (and occasional frustrations) of painting watercolor and brusho and to progress.

Begin to progress.

Whether you are taking your first tentative steps or you are seeking to develop your technique and style. You will not fail to learn from Joanne.

Efforts rewarded.

Her patience is endless and her passion is infectious, she gets unbelievably excited when she sees her students blossoming and creating.

Quote from Joanne Boon Thomas.

“If you have the desire, plenty of persistence, a good tutor that you  find amicable. Remember that art is  so very good for the soul. Then anyone can paint, some of us start at different levels”.

The fortunate few.

Some of us are lucky enough to start with a natural ability. Most of us have to work at it.  

Rise to the challenge.

We can all paint to some degree but, amateur or professional, we all have to work to improve.


Course outline:

As well as watercolors Joanne will also demonstrate Brusho painting.

Brusho literally causes a visual and sensory explosion on the page, enough to create an excitement that makes you want  to try more.

The sheer boldness and astonishment of the reaction between Brusho and water will at first be unbelievable.

There will be opportunities to go out on location, not only to take photographs but also for plein aire painting studies. art retreat workshop vacations art retreat workshop vacations art retreat workshop vacations

So get ready for .

A great chance to receive some individual tuition from this very enthusiastic, inspiring and knowledgeable tutor.

How to relax.

A fun and informative week is guaranteed.

Capture the color.

You’ll see and apply color differently and bring a natural rhythm into your paintings.

Don’t delay.

Joanne is restricting her workshops to just this one for this year, instead of the usual two, which are always full.

So act fast.

Therefore early booking is highly recommended for a guarantee of not being dissapointed.

Be different.

This could help you transform your own painting into a new and different style that is really you.


It might feel like you’re swimming upstream. 

 But keep swimming!

Expand your horizon……

Feel what you’re painting.

Inclusive of complimentary airport transfers from Alicante and Valencia. Pick-up and drop-off information.

Don´t think about this for too long.

Act fast, because the special price tag goes

The offer expires in February 2020.

Don’t delay book today. Confirm your place.

With a deposit of just €100

We will send you a material list as suggested by the tutor two months before the course start date.

If you do not wish to carry all the materials with you then we have a local art shop in Benigánim where you may purchase all you need.

Not included:

Materials. medical insurance.

flights. staff gratuities.

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Joanne Boon Thomas August 2021

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