Art therapy for Adults 

Help with shyness, social phobias, self-esteem and anxiety, through Art and Colour Therapy.

Improve social skills increase confidence.

Start to enjoy life and meet people on their level.

Help with;

Shyness, social phobias, self-esteem, and anxiety.

Improve social skills and increase confidence.

“Engaging in therapy for shyness/anxiety is the scariest part of the process. You take the first step and I will show you how to walk the walk”

Dolores Alvaro

Art therapy

I use art materials and the creative process to explore emotions, reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem, and confidence in an enjoyable and relaxing environment. This is a highly effective programme to counteract many negative thoughts. 


Life coaching

Achieve your goals and build your confidence to increase your happiness, through art and colour therapy in conjunction with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. We will be able to address negative patterns in the thought process.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

A goal-oriented therapy that takes an individual, practical approach to problem-solving. Our goal will be to change patterns of thinking or behaviour so change the way you feel. 

Dolores Alvaro, B.A.H.

I am a qualified Art Therapist and Life Coach, practising in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and a Person-Centered therapist working from an International Art Studio.
I offer you a safe, confidential and inclusive space where you will feel able to share some of your feelings.
Thoughts that are both negative and positive will hold you back and push you forward. We will work together with art materials in individual and small group sessions.


I’d Love to Help

I Have Experience With…

Art Therapy

By using art materials, you feel comfortable with (these could be things you used during the art class at school such as crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc.). We will initially spend a few minutes “Tapping Into Your Inner Child” we are not interested in creating a painting, just enjoying a play exercise to open up and relax.

Improving Self Esteem

By using materials, creating colored cards and creating daily affirmations will help you to develop a more positive self-esteem. Having positive thoughts about yourself can potentially re-wire the connections in your brain causing you to feel better about yourself. It is important to rework our thoughts on a regular basis.

Building Confidence

We will learn to face the fear that is holding you back. Change your own fear for yourself into empathy for others. Working with color in the studio on your own and as part of a group, we will explore the effect colors have on our thinking procedure. These will be individual to you and different for everyone.

Overcoming Anxiety and Shyness

Art Therapy alongside Cognitive Behavior Therapy exercises is a wonderful way of overcoming the shyness that affects millions of people today. You will be encouraged to concentrate on yourself for a while and then express your feelings in a small group session without fear of being scrutinized or evaluated negatively by others, who will all be in the same position.

My Approach & Philosophy

My name is Maria Dolores Alvaro Rodriguez, quite a
mouthful, isn’t it? Which is why I am better known as Loli.

My philosophy for my daily life? I suppose I follow
the words of Carl Jung;

“I am not what has happened to me.
I am what I choose to become”

‘Easier said than done’ I hear you say, but with the
correct approach and guidance we can start to
take control of our thought process and
thereby change, not only what we think of
ourselves, but what others think of us too.

I became an Art Therapist to be able to offer an
alternative way of working with people to
enable them to express themselves in a
more positive and open manner.
Inspired by my own personal and professional
experiences, I am motivated to work with
the person as a person. Not someone who
has been given a social label,
supporting people through counseling,
teaching, and training to better understand themselves.

I will help you: Understand your inner-self,
inspiring higher self-esteem and confidence. You will
learn to respond to, and react to, challenges you face,
allowing you to make conscious life choices.  Start the process of ignoring negativity, increase your own self-support and start tapping into your true, authentic self, become happier and take charge of your own wellbeing.

Week-long workshops

I hold daily sessions in my art studio and around our magnificent gardens, over a five day period.

You will stay with me, my husband, our two dogs, chickens, and ducks, at my villa in Valencia, Spain. we will make your stay with us as pleasant an experience as you could wish for.

We will meet you at Valencia airport and take you to our villa in the small town of Benigánim in the Valencian countryside. At the end of your weeks stay we will return you to the airport in plenty of time for your flight.

Your accommodation will be in our villa in a private, en-suite, air-conditioned room. All bedding, towels, toiletries and bathrobe are included. You will also find a hairdryer and tea/coffee making facilities.

This is an inclusive stay, with all meals, bottled water. Vegetarian and other diets and dislikes will be fully accommodated by our in-house chef. All of our vegetables are either grown, organically on our plot or bought from local suppliers.  

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